Ultra Precision Machines and Control

|Ultra Precision Machines and Control

Concept design of a 5-axis portable milling machine for the in-situ processing of large pieces

Towards the realization of the new INRIM angle comparator

Band-limited Cutting Force Control in Ultra-precision Turning

Feasibility study on a spindle supported by high stiffness water hydrostatic bearings for ultra-precision machine tool

Modelling lateral web dynamics for R2R equipment design

An Approach to the Optimal Observer Design with Selectable Bandwidth

The dynamic design of an ultra-precision machine tool used for larger KDP crystal machining

Physical and phenomenological simulation models for the thermal compensation of rotary axes of machine tools

Determining the random measurement errors of a novel moving-scale measurement system with nanometre uncertainty

Investigation of micro-optic polishing characteristics by vibration-assisted polishing

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