Ultra Precision Machines and Control

|Ultra Precision Machines and Control

Compact Translatory Actuator with Moving Magnets and Flexure Guide for Versatile Applications

Design and Performance of a 6 DOF Hybrid Hexapod

Design of an active magnetic stabilizer of the dynamic behaviour of high speed rotors

Using Boron Doped Diamond Foils for Fabrication of Micro Cavities with EDM

Concept design of a 5-axis portable milling machine for the in-situ processing of large pieces

Modelling lateral web dynamics for R2R equipment design

Physical and phenomenological simulation models for the thermal compensation of rotary axes of machine tools

Driving a Femtosecond Machined Tactile Scanning Probe Stage in the 100 µm Range

Design and Optimization of Flexure-Based Micro-manipulator for Optics Alignmen

Design and control of a through wall 450 mm vacuum compatible wafer stage

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