Ultra Precision Machines and Control

|Ultra Precision Machines and Control

Development of a Vertical-spindle Rotary Surface Grinding Machine for Large Scale Silicon-wafers–Machine Specifications and Performance of Rotary Work Table

A Parallelism Alignment Mechanism for Nanoimprint Lithograph with Large Imprinting Force

Design and optimization of a 3-DOF planar MEMS Stage with integrated thermal position sensors

Parameter Determination for an Electromechanical Model of a Displacement-Amplified Piezoelectric Actuator

Compact Translatory Actuator with Moving Magnets and Flexure Guide for Versatile Applications

Concept for a Miniaturized Machine-Tool-Module for the Manufacturing of Micro-Components Operated at its Resonance Frequency

Self-tuning dynamic vibration absorber for machine tool chatter suppression

Ultraprecise positioning mechanism with 3-DOF over a one-millimeter stroke using monolithic flexure guide and electromagnetic actuator

Design and Performance of a 6 DOF Hybrid Hexapod

Fast Nanometer Positioning System by Combining Fast Resonant Mode and Accurate Piezostack Direct Drive

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