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Effect of lead addition on machinability of brass and its mechanism


Wireless cutting force sensing system mounted on a rotary cutting tool holder using a semiconductor strain sensor


Investigation of superelastic behavior of NiTi alloy during cutting process

Cutting,Mechanism,Shape memory alloy,Transformation

Experimental analysis of human bone grinding methods by a skilled surgeon in microsurgery


Mechanism of shape recovery phenomenon of work material in cutting of NiTi alloy

Cutting,Shape memory alloy,X-ray

In-situ tool wear monitoring using semiconductor strain sensor in diamond cutting


Effect of a stepped flank face tool on polycarbonate cutting


Cutting force reduction mechanism of lead-free brass cutting by measuring several different tool materials

Behavioral analysis of tool deflections during micro-end milling

Ultra- precision machine system feedback controlled using hexapod-type measurement device for six-degree-of-freedom relative motions between tool and workpiece

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