Precision Machining, Replication & Additive Processes

|Precision Machining, Replication & Additive Processes

Monitoring and closed loop feedback control of ultrafast glass welding

On machine polishing of ultraprecision diamond ground aspherical surfaces on multispectral CVD ZnS lens

Heat transfer strategies for temperature sensitive components in vacuum environments

Development of magnetic polishing method with 5-axis machining center for aspherical shape

Comparison of conventional Injection Mould Inserts to Additively Manufactured Inserts using Life Cycle Assessment

Interface analysis of injection molded direct joining using surface nano‐structures

Investigation of pre & post plating surface roughness of electroless nickel phosphorus coated substrate for diamond turning application

Antireflection coating of microstructures by anodizing and influence on the dimensional accuracy of structures

The influence of cellular structures on flow stress of high strength components manufactured using SLM

Design of a multi-metal printer for jetting droplets directly from the melt

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