Precision Machining, Replication & Additive Processes

|Precision Machining, Replication & Additive Processes

Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving (SACE) – an innovative technology with high potential for industry

Design and Applicability of the Testing Equipment for Manufacturing Micro Parts from Amorphous Metal Powder by using the Hybrid Contact Laser Sintering (HCLS) Process

Micromachining glass with in situ fabricated micro-tools

Investigation of catalytic metals for a catalyst referred etching in pure water

Development of ultra-precision abrasive machining of functional structured surfaces

A linear and lifting stage on basis of compliant mechanisms for the realisation of a correction mechanism in a machine tool to perform micro deep hole drills in a round stock

Experimental investigations on the accuracy of X-ray computed tomography for porosity measurements of additive manufactured parts

Investigation of digital light processing using fibre-reinforced polymers

Research on shape generation of tungsten carbide alloy by electrolyte jet with bipolar pulse

High-efficiency and high-quality grinding of high-speed steel using ultrafine-crystalline cBN abrasive grit

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