Precision Machining, Replication & Additive Processes

|Precision Machining, Replication & Additive Processes

Surface reproduction accuracy of holographic design features for machine components fabricated by a combination of TiN-physical vapour deposition and a specific subsequent galvanic process

Laser polishing – enhancing surface quality of additively manufactured cobalt chrome and titanium components

Production of electronics and photovoltaics using a reel-to-eel process

Shaping of Lens Array Mold Surfaces by Electrical Discharge Machining with a Multiple-Ball Electrode

Development of an intelligent chuck system for the improved manufacturing of thin walled parts

Diamond machining of AM metal parts with high-build eNiP-layers on complex free form shapes

CFD analysis of an enhanced nozzle designed for plasma figuring of large optical surfaces

Experimental investigation of material removal mechanisms of sintered ceramics by scratch tests

Multiscale post-processing of metal additive manufactured parts by electro-polishing technology

Investigation of a novel low pressure lapping technology on aluminium moulds

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