Precision Machining, Replication & Additive Processes

|Precision Machining, Replication & Additive Processes

Mirror-polishing of rough surface glass by soothing of abrasive layer

Metal-polymer direct joining: effect of polymer injection speed on joint strength

Experimental study of micro-dimple surface roughness by applying double-frequency elliptical vibration texturing

High precision direct fabrication by laser of micromoulds in PDMS for micro-replication

Influence of the mechanical behaviour of cantilevers on the topography of nanoscale grooves during AFM tip-based machining

Surface generation in ultrasonic assisted face grinding

Decision Methodology of Micro end-milling Condition Using Tool Catalog Data-Mining System

Ultra-precision diamond grinding of large sized infrared aspherical lens

Towards in process control of polymer injection moulded micro components

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