Nano & Micro Metrology

|Nano & Micro Metrology

Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Instrument Settings on Pixel Size and Nonlinearity in SEM Image Formation

Comparison of Commercial Software Packages for Calculating Surface Texture Parameters

Development of a Scanning Probe Microscope for Traceable Nanoscale Length Metrology

Absolute Distance Measurements Using the Frequency Comb of a Femtosecond Pulse Laser

Measurement of Micro-fluidic Channels by Modified Optical Coherence Tomography

Long Term Stability of Suprasil Line Scales and Gauge Blocks

Numerical µ-CCM Simulation for the Application of Monte-Carlo Methods for the Uncertainty Estimation of Measured Dimensional Parameters

Ultra-compact Non-invasive Interferometric Displacement Sensor

Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a New Feedback controlled Micro-tribometer

Investigation on a Replica Step Gauge for Optical 3D Scanning of Micro Parts

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