Nano & Micro Metrology

|Nano & Micro Metrology

Long Term Stability of Suprasil Line Scales and Gauge Blocks

Design of a Sample Holder for a Metrological Atomic Force Microscope

Temperature Stabilization of an In-process Measurement System Based on Laser Triangulation and Applied at a Furnace

Development of a Micro-SPM Head Array with Exchangeable Cantilevers

A Study of Surface Reconstruction for the Measurement of Ultra-precision Freeform Surfaces

Development of Non-Contact Micro-Nano Displacement Sensor using Interferometric Phenomena

Free Spectral Range Measurement of Fabry-Perot Cavity Using Transmission Light, Single Frequency Modulation and Null Method Under Off-resonance Condition

Precise Measurement of Air-refractive-index Using Fabry-Perot Cavity and Tunable Laser Diode

Three-dimensional nano-positioning system for compact CMM

Investigation of Opto-Mechanical Scanning Systems with the use of a Ray-Tracing Tool

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