Testing the similarity conditions in the CT measurement of additively manufactured lattice structures


Surface topography process signatures in nickel superalloy 625 additive manufacturing

Integrity,Interferometry,Microstructure,Selective laser melting (SLM),Surface

Comparison of dimensional measurements from images acquired by synchrotron tomography with VGSTUDIO MAX and ImageJ


Exploratory research on the correlation of probability of detection and image quality during the tomographic characterisation of additive manufacturing defects

Defect,Inspection,Metrology,Selective laser melting (SLM)

Fast measurement of metal laser powder bed fusion layer surfaces using light scattering and principal component analysis


Direct additive manufactured beam shape defect identification from computed tomography and modal decomposition

Decomposition method,3D printing,Geometric modelling,Measurement

Influence of the processing parameters on the dimensional accuracy of In625 lattice structures made by laser powder bed fusion

Dimensional,Metrology,Selective laser melting (SLM),X-ray

High-resolution X-ray computed tomography for additive manufacturing: Towards traceable porosity defect measurements using digital twins

Dimensional,3D printing,Metrology,X-ray

Characterisation of high speed sintering surface topography with re-entrant open surface pores using 3D surface texture parameters and material ratio curve


Impulse excitation technique for improved inspection in additive manufacturing

3D printing,Measuring instrument,Quality assurance,Vibration

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