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|Mechatronics, Sensors and AI

On-machine measurement cycle for the adaptive thermal error compensation of linear axes

Compensation,In-process measurement,Machine,Thermal error

On-line measurement of paperboard air permeability utilizing aerostatic bearings

Bearing,Measuring instrument,Metrology,Pressure

Thermal error compensation of machine tools based on thermal mode shapes

Compensation,Simulation,Temperature,Thermal error

The MIIM method for the environmental thermal error study of large machine tools: A real case study

Accuracy,Machine,Thermal error

Precision, low-cost braille labelling using flexural embossers and elastic averaging


Active load cell with positive, negative and zero stiffness operating modes for micronewton range contact force monitoring in electrical probing


Investigation on an integrated approach to modelling and analysis of multi-axis aerostatic bearing stages and its application for high precision performance

Investigation on semi-virtual dataset based semantic segmentation for injection moulding process monitoring

Integration of a piezostage and a measuring instrument in a two-stage long-range nanopositioning platform

Geometric modelling,Metrology,Nano technology

Aerostatic stiffness and damping analysis for high-speed air bearings in ultra-precision machine tools


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