Mechatronics, Sensors and AI

|Mechatronics, Sensors and AI

Experimental comparison of offline and online compliance compensation strategies for industrial articulated robots


Framework of an experimental setup to enable an adaptive process control based on surrogate modelling

Adaptive control,Artificial intelligence,In-process measurement,Modelling

Augmenting image datasets for quality control models using CycleGANs

Artificial intelligence,Neural network,Quality assurance,X-ray

Practical method for checking of self-locking in kinematic couplings with linear equations

Design,Design method,Friction,Kinematic

Ultraprecision 4-axis positioning mechanism using flexure guide and electromagnetic actuator for topography measurement and processing system


Active vibration isolation with integrated virtual balance mass for a motion stage

Adaptive control,Motion,Ultra-precision,Vibration

Investigations on the Tracking Control and Performance of a Long Stroke Vertical Nanopositioning Drive

Control,Drive,Motion,Nano technology

Structure and control of an inchworm for precise displacement


Control signal of levitation actuator using vertically vibrating piezoelectric actuator


Study on Environmental Thermal Induced Error Modelling of a Stage based on Artificial Neural Network

Evaluation,Neural network,Precision,Thermal error

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