Mechatronics, Sensors and AI

|Mechatronics, Sensors and AI

A hydrogen valve enabling overlay and throughput for EUV


Experimental characterization and evaluation of additively manufactured PEEK dies for polymer profile extrusion

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),3D printing,Extrusion,Tooling

Development of Machine Tool Spindle with Active Spindle Center Position Control


Constraint analysis of 3-D kinematic clamps using screw algebra


Sensing for self-aware machine tools


Micro-laser assisted single point diamond turning of advanced optical materials

Automation development using a digital approach in prototype pipework

Computer automated,Digital,Metrology

Qualification and tests on Universal Adjustment Platform to position accelerator components


Working vs. operating space kinematic calibration of articulated industrial manipulators


Machine Learning approach to predict the position of a new online position measurement system’s target

Calibration,In-process measurement,Neural network,Robot

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