Mechatronics, Control and Handling

|Mechatronics, Control and Handling

Demonstration of closed loop velocity control for fast imaging techniques using high-speed AFM

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Control,Positioning,Rapid

Parallel Alignment Table for Synchrotron Liquid Diffractometer

Conceptual design,Positioning,Precision

Closed-loop force control methods for linear flexible stages using voice-coil linear actuator


Multivariable stability analysis of position-controlled payloads with flexible eigenmodes


A novel drive and control method for piezoelectric motors in microscopy stages

Actuator,Adaptive control,Piezo-electric,Positioning

Robotic limb gait-tracking using deep-q-network


Guaranteeing nanometre positioning under manufacturing and modelling uncertainty


The evaluation of a miniature robot using electromagnetic force


Load cell with adjustable stiffness based on a preloaded T-shaped flexure pivot

Mechanism,Modelling,Stiffness,Wire EDM

Kinematic characterization and validation of an upper limb rehabilitation device


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