Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

|Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

Analysis of vibration-based degradation of the spatial resolution of a nanometer-X-ray fluorescence analysis setup

Analysis,Finite element method (FEM),Metrology,Vibration

Novel method and device to minimize the high-order roundness error of large cylindrical rotors


Inspection of a Machined Metal Surface Adopting Scanned Contrast Image Toward Unmanned Lapping Process

Image,Machine,Measurement,Visual inspection

Effect of oil film thickness on motion errors for closed hydrostatic guideway with four pads

Measurement and identification of the translational stiffness matrix for static loads in machine tools


A compact and calibratable von Hamos X-Ray Spectrometer based on two full-cylinder HAPG mosaic crystals for high energy-resolution XES and RIXS

Analysis,Measuring instrument,Metrology,X-ray

Prediction of tool breakage in small diameter drilling with acoustic emission technique


Development of the principle for the angle measurement using the two-track scale

Accuracy,Evaluation,Measurement,Measuring instrument

Gear Wheel Magnetic Rotary Encoder with Shaft Run-out Detection Function


Multi-dimensional interferometric stage encoder using range-resolved interferometry


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