Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

|Measuring Instruments and Machine Tools

Dimensional Evaluation of Additive Manufactured Polymer Extrusion Dies Produced by Continuous Liquid Interface Production


Effect of feeding speed to the motion behaviour of a machine tool examined by a real-time position acquisition device (PAD)


Tool/workpiece contact detection via acoustic emission in micro grinding


Synchrotron vacuum diffractometer

Measuring instrument,Positioning,Precision,Vacuum

Novel Design of a Kinematic Coupling Precision Fixture for Repeatable Multiple-Inclined Repositioning


An in-process, layer wise surface metrology system for a new E-Beam additive manufacturing machine


Novel Designing of Super Abrasive Grinding Wheel for Dynamic Motion Control in Grinding

Control,Design,Dynamic,Ecology,Grinding,Motion,Super abrasive

Development of a powertrain for hexapods for ultra-high vacuum environment


Axial calibration of an on-machine focus variation surface texture and form sensor

Automation,Calibration,In-process measurement,Surface

Image-based helium spill detection during LHC warm-up procedure for Long Shutdown 2


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