Accuracy of positioning for a table device


A novel localized vibration-assisted magnetic abrasive polishing method for V-groove and Fresnel optics finishing


Direct metal 3D printing with submicron resolution

Metal wire-feed additive manufacturing using a rotating wire feeder

3D printing,Laser beam machining (LBM),Manufacturing,Metal

Micro-machining of bovine bone for otologic applications


Large size nano-patterned nickel roll mold fabricated using nanoimprint and electroplating process

Nano manufacturing,Nano technology,Roll

Geometric-error analysis of three-axis machine tools using displacement information relative to single location

Error,Geometric modelling,Machine,Optimisation

Numerical Study of the Impact of Shear Thinning Behaviour on the Strand Deposition Flow in the Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing

Deposition,3D printing,Flow,Simulation

Functional tolerancing using full surface metrology


Effect of height of micro textures fabricated by deep X-Ray lithography on surface wettablility

Measuring instrument,Micromachining,Surface,X-ray

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