Functional tolerancing using full surface metrology


Design and Verification of a High Load Large Flexure Hinge Stage for Nanometer Displacement

Measurement,Nano technology,Resolution,Simulation

Effect of height of micro textures fabricated by deep X-Ray lithography on surface wettablility

Measuring instrument,Micromachining,Surface,X-ray

MD simulation study to investigate nanocutting process in Cu and CuBe

Cutting,Micromachining,Nano manufacturing,Wear

Lateral error compensation for focus variation microscopy

Compensation,Error,Kinematic,Measuring instrument

Static stiffness and dynamics testing on a spindle for ultra-precision diamond turning


Study on Tool Path Generation Method for Reducing Energy Consumption of 5- axis NC Machine Tools

Manufacturing (CAM),Machining,Numerical control (NC)

New fabrication method of metal tiny-3d-structure using capacitor-type electro discharge-deposition-device

3D printing,Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Metal,Microstructure

Precision Engineering of Neuroprotective Prosthesis for application in Fibular and Tibial Nerves


The calculation of incident conditions by APSD analyzation in multiple-beam laser interference lithography

Interferometry,Laser beam machining (LBM),Profile

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