Lateral error compensation for focus variation microscopy

Compensation,Error,Kinematic,Measuring instrument

Study on Tool Path Generation Method for Reducing Energy Consumption of 5- axis NC Machine Tools

Manufacturing (CAM),Machining,Numerical control (NC)

Precision Engineering of Neuroprotective Prosthesis for application in Fibular and Tibial Nerves


The calculation of incident conditions by APSD analyzation in multiple-beam laser interference lithography

Interferometry,Laser beam machining (LBM),Profile

Improvement of the operational characteristics of polymeric scintillation detectors and optophotonic components


Numerical simulation of extrusion-based additive manufacturing – effect of the nozzle geometry on the strand cross-section

3D printing,Extrusion,Flow,Simulation

Analysis of the drill base body fabricated with Additive Manufacturing technology

Drilling,3D printing,Finite element method (FEM),Tool

Fabrication of nanostructured polymers by laser-assisted hot embossing for biological and optical applications

Laser micro machining,Mold (or Mould),Nano manufacturing,Surface

Research on the development and measuring method of nanometre Length standard reference material

Design and Verification of a High Load Large Flexure Hinge Stage for Nanometer Displacement

Measurement,Nano technology,Resolution,Simulation

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