Geneva 2022

|Geneva 2022

Three-dimensional nanostructures enabled by customised voltage waveform-induced local anodic oxidation lithography

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Electrode,Nano manufacturing,Oxidation

The design and development of the second generation tabletop Kibble balance at NIST

Accuracy,Measuring instrument,Mechanical,Metrology

Constraint analysis of 3-D kinematic clamps using screw algebra


Development of a high precision balance for measuring quantity of dispensed fluid as a new calibration standard for the becquerel


Influence of clamping technique on the resulting surface roughness in diamond machining of CaF2

Alignment,Calcium fluoride,Roughness,Ultra-precision

Machine Learning approach to predict the position of a new online position measurement system’s target

Calibration,In-process measurement,Neural network,Robot

Framework of an experimental setup to enable an adaptive process control based on surrogate modelling

Adaptive control,Artificial intelligence,In-process measurement,Modelling

Ultra-precision high performance cutting of nickel silver using a magnetically levitated feed axis

Magnetic bearing,Milling,Performance,Ultra-precision

Improving position accuracy in large scale laser structuring processes using surface feature detection algorithms

Accuracy,Adaptive control,Laser beam machining (LBM),Robot

Near-field spectroscopic measurement of thermally excited evanescent waves

Measurement,Microscope,Optical,Scanning probe microscope (SPM)

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