Geneva 2022

|Geneva 2022

Weighing Performances of a novel EMFC weighing cell with axis- symmetric structure

Force,Measuring instrument,Mechatronic,Metrology

Automated defect detection of CT projection image data using Monte Carlo simulation


Research on CNC Polishing Technology of Rotational Symmetric Aspheric Optical Elements

A novel design of soft tool manipulator for hard-to-reach zone machining by micro-EDM

Conceptual design,Design,Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Tooling

Design of a large deflection compliant mechanism with active material for vibration suppression


Micro-Injection Moulding Simulation and Manufacturing of Polymer Chips for Acoustic Separation


Development of Machine Tool Spindle with Active Spindle Center Position Control


Micro-laser assisted single point diamond turning of advanced optical materials

Ductile cutting regime in ball milling of single crystal silicon


A New Spin on Kibble: A Self-Calibrating Torque Realization Device at NIST

Measuring instrument,Mechanical,Metrology,Precision

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