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An iterative calibration method for improving absolute measurement accuracy of stereo deflectometry


Machine tool thermal state representation using modal analysis

Design of a structural strain measurement system based on slotted photomicrosensors

Background noise assessment of low-cost vibration sensors in precision manufacturing applications

An in-process, layer wise surface metrology system for a new E-Beam additive manufacturing machine


Performance Evaluation of Low-Cost vibration sensors in precision manufacturing applications

Manufacturing,Measuring instrument,Performance,Vibration

Degradation monitoring of machine tool ballscrew using deep convolution neural network

Accuracy,Artificial intelligence,Machine,Monitoring

Robust prediction of machine tool thermal error using ANFIS-based modelling, fusing temperature and displacement measurement

Thermal modelling using dynamic mode decomposition for thermal error compensation in the temperature domain

Compensation,Decomposition method,Modelling,Thermal error

Precision Core Temperature Measurement of Metals for Use in Manufacturing Applications

In-process measurement,Manufacturing,Temperature,Ultrasonic

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