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Ultrasonic Thermometry for Manufacturing Materials Using the Pulse-Echo Method


Improving surface finish in SLM AM components by implementing remelting techniques

Investigation of focal spot blurring and its deblurring to improve the metrological structural resolution of XCT in the surface metrology of additively manufactured parts


Triangle Mesh-Based 3D Surface Characterisation for AM Parts Inspection


Probing depth enhancements of spectral domain OCT using axicons for the inspection of additively manufactured polymer parts

Interferometry,Manufacturing,Measuring instrument,Polymer

Investigation of effect of voxel size choice for the measurement and analysis of porous coatings


Towards miniaturised instrumentation realised via metasurfaces

Measuring instrument,Metrology,Miniaturization,Optical

Edge detection and surface inspection for roll-to-roll and slot-die coating based on machine vision approach

In-process measurement,Inspection,Visual inspection

Background noise reduction using spectral subtraction for enhanced vibration analysis in precision manufacturing applications

Comparison of Discrete Laplacian-Beltrami Operators and Their Applications in Surface Metrology

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