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Near-field spectroscopic measurement of thermally excited evanescent waves

Measurement,Microscope,Optical,Scanning probe microscope (SPM)

Measuring Grating Period of Dual-Periodic Grating with Dual-Wavelength External Cavity Diode Laser

Measuring instrument,Nano technology,Photonics

Influence of surface hydroxyl groups on the direct joining of metal and polymer via injection molding

Injection,Joining,Molding (or Moulding)

Development of thermal nanospectroscopic system for THz evanescent wave

Measurement,Nano technology,Optical,Scanning probe microscope (SPM)

Fabrication of Nano-and Micro-Structured Surface Using Spatial Beat of Evanescent Wave Interference Lithography

Interferometry,Laser micro machining,Microstructure,Nano technology

A novel optical super-resolution microscopy for coherent imaging system for micro-structured surface inspection

In-process measurement,Microscope,Microstructure,Visual inspection

Experimental Analysis of Laser-Assisted Microfabrication Using TiO2 Nanoparticles

Precision measurement technique for rough surface object using self-beat signals of optical frequency comb

Effect of machining parameters on precision machining of zirconia ceramics using heated cutting tools

Sub-nanometer Uncertainty Evaluation of Line Width Measurement by Si Lattice Structures of STEM Image

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