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Three-dimensional nano-profile of convex cylindrical mirror measured by normal vector tracing method


Measurements of freeform surfaces with three dimensional nano-profiler based on normal vector tracing method


Feasibility using ethanol-added argon instead of helium as the carrier gas used in atmospheric-pressure plasma chemical vaporization machining

Atomically smooth Si surface planarized using a thin film catalyst in pure water


High-efficiency SiC polishing using a thin film catalyst in pure water


Laser micro machining using a photonic nanojet controlled by incident wavelength

Laser micro machining

High-efficiency planarization of SiC in pure water using a thin film catalyst


Development of high efficiency polishing method using pure water and Ni catalyst


Application of Plasma Chemical Vaporization Machining for Figuring of Reaction-sintered Silicon Carbide


Planarization of SiC and oxide surfaces by using Catalyst-Referred Etching with water

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