Structured Surfaces to Affect Function

|Structured Surfaces to Affect Function

Microstructured PVDF surfaces and their inhibitory effect on the microbial attachment of nosocomial biofilm-forming microorganisms


Surface Structuring of SiSiC by Jet-Electrochemical Machining

Carbide,Electro chemical machining (ECM),Surface

Geometrical error calibration of an ultra-precision machine tool with embedded metrology system


New approaches in ultra precision manufacturing of diffraction gratings

Micromachining,Nano manufacturing,Optical,Ultra-precision

Surface microstructuring of journal bearings by ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning


Design and evaluation of structured freeform optics for uniform LED illumination

Conceptual design,Design method,Optical

Hot stamping integrated mechanical surface treatment for the manufacturing of hybrid structures

Composite,Sheet metal,Structure,Surface

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