Replication and Additive Manufacturing

|Replication and Additive Manufacturing

A critique of solutions and research to the challenges of adopting metallic additive-layer manufacturing in full-scale production.

Automation,Manufacturing (CAM),3D printing,Robot

Influence of atmosphere on microstructure of 316L fabricated by laser-based powder bed fusion system

Defect,Microstructure,Selective laser melting (SLM),Steel

Quality Assurance of Reference Specimens Manufactured by Continuous Liquid Interface Production Using Coordinate Metrology

3D printing,Metrology,Production,Quality assurance

Surface finish of additively manufactured parts using plasma electrolytic polishing

3D printing,Finishing,Surface

A novel self-repairing additive manufacturing system for in-situ defects detection and correction

Accuracy,Manufacturing (CAM),Defect,Monitoring

Multi-material additive manufacturing of steels using laser powder bed fusion

Manufacturing (CAM),Design,Material

A method for identification and quantification of thermal lensing in powder bed fusion

Manufacturing (CAM)

Process and product fingerprint concept for microinjection moulding of thermoplastic microneedle arrays

Molding (or Moulding),Monitoring,Polymer,Precision

Optimization of a self-peeling vat for precision vat photopolymerization setups

3D printing,Microstructure,Optimisation,Polymer

Structured 3D Elastomeric Composites with Hybrid Functionalities via 3D Printing

3D printing

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