Replication and Additive Manufacturing

|Replication and Additive Manufacturing

Structured 3D Elastomeric Composites with Hybrid Functionalities via 3D Printing

3D printing

Micro-blasting of 316L tubular lattice manufactured by selective laser melting

Accuracy,Blasting,Finishing,Selective laser melting (SLM)

Replication quality assessment and uncertainty evaluation of a polymer precision injection moulded component

Investigation of IM Process parameters on flash formation in polymer micro features through DOE

A comparison of reflectance properties on polymer micro structured functional surface

Feasibility study on integrated process/product quality assurance framework for precision injection moulding based on vibration monitoring

High efficiency and high precision machining of Fresnel microstructure on silicon carbide through integrated sub-nanosecond laser ablating and ultra-precision grinding chain


Effects of process temperature in the high speed, mask-less, precision laser deposition of micro-tungsten tracks on silicon, copper and stainless-steel

Measurement of in-mould shear rates by x-ray particle image velocometry

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