Replication & Additive Manu

|Replication & Additive Manu

Thermal behaviour of additively manufactured injection moulding inserts

AM-SLM process-driven redesign, manufacturing and testing of a slipring rotor for space applications

Design,Mechatronic,Process,Selective laser melting (SLM)

Potential approach towards effective topography characterization of 316L stainless steel components produced by selective laser melting process

3D printing,Metrology,Selective laser melting (SLM),Surface

A new design for an extensive benchmarking of Additive Manufacturing machines

Accuracy,3D printing,Quality assurance,Selective laser melting (SLM)

Prediction of micro-sized flash using micro injection moulding process simulations

Injection,Molding (or Moulding),Polymer,Simulation

Injection moulded lens array for imaging application

Manufacturing,Optical,Plastic,Quality assurance

Evaluation of injection moulding parameters effect on additive manufacturing mould inserts life-time

3D printing,Lifecycle,Molding (or Moulding),Tool

Design of a 4 degree of freedom monolithic compliant alignment mechanism for additive manufacturing

Alignment,3D printing,Kinematic,Mechanism

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