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|Replication & Additive Manu

In-situ Monitoring of Geometric Accuracy in Laser Powder Bed Fusion processes


Effects of different mold surface coatings on the ejection force in micro injection molding

Coating,Friction,Injection,Molding (or Moulding)

Direct metal 3D printing with submicron resolution

Metal wire-feed additive manufacturing using a rotating wire feeder

3D printing,Laser beam machining (LBM),Manufacturing,Metal

Numerical Study of the Impact of Shear Thinning Behaviour on the Strand Deposition Flow in the Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing

Deposition,3D printing,Flow,Simulation

Numerical simulation of extrusion-based additive manufacturing – effect of the nozzle geometry on the strand cross-section

3D printing,Extrusion,Flow,Simulation

Analysis of the drill base body fabricated with Additive Manufacturing technology

Drilling,3D printing,Finite element method (FEM),Tool

Fabrication of nanostructured polymers by laser-assisted hot embossing for biological and optical applications

Laser micro machining,Mold (or Mould),Nano manufacturing,Surface

Geometrical shape assessment of additively manufactured features by direct light processing vat polymerization method


Fabrication of Lattice Structures by Wire and Arc-based Additive Manufacturing

3D printing,Manufacturing,Metal,Steel

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