New Developments in Measurement Techniques

|New Developments in Measurement Techniques

A single-shot line-scanning spatially dispersed short coherence interferometer using Fourier transform profilometry

Application of Machine Integrated Deformation Sensors

Fundaments of measurement for testing software in computationally-intensive metrology

Determination of the phase-change correction used for gauge block calibration by optical interferometry technique

Vertical axis non-linearities in wavelength scanning interferometry

Investigation of a new method for improving image resolution for camera tracking applications

Confocal fusion: towards the universal optical 3D metrology technology

Displacement measurement using an I2 frequency stabilized laser diode based on sinusoidal phase/frequency modulation

Precise measurement of large scale surfaces with micro-topographies without overlapping fields of view by white light interferometry

Analysis of spatial and temporal dependencies of the TCP-dislocation measurement for the assessment of the thermo-elastic behavior of 3-axis machine tools

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