New Developments in Measurement Techniques

|New Developments in Measurement Techniques

Novel Signal Processing Module of Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Design of a structural strain measurement system based on slotted photomicrosensors

Optical 3D measurement of cooling holes in gas turbine and aircraft engines

Process related Characteristic-based topography evaluation of wear conditions on grinding wheels

Background noise assessment of low-cost vibration sensors in precision manufacturing applications

Modal Analysis of a Sensing CBN Grinding Wheel

Improving robustness of capacitive displacement measurements against electromagnetic disturbances in machine tool environments

Accuracy,Adaptive control,Calibration,Metrology

Micro Coordinate Measurement Machine using voice coil actuator with interferometric position feedback


Assessment of a laser-based multilateration system for measurement of low-slope metre-scale surfaces


Laser-based integral deformation measurement of thermo-elastic structural deviation of machine tools


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