Mechatronics and Control

|Mechatronics and Control

The influence of flexibility on the force balance quality: a frequency domain approach

2D positioning control strategy for a nanopositioning stage

Control,Nano technology,Positioning

Design and Control of VCM actuator for active vibration isolation system


Fundamental investigation of influence of air compressibility on displacement control performances of aerostatic bearings


Error compensation strategies for productivity improvement in ultra-precision cutting


A kalman-filtering based iterative learning control algorithm


Control of dynamic compliance at cutting point of small and long end-mill aiming suppression of chatter by hybrid spindle system with rolling and active electromagnetic bearings

Chatter,Control,End milling,Spindle

Polymer Damper Technology for improved System Dynamics

Damping,Design method,Dynamic,Mechatronic

Adaptive tracking control of dual position loops drive using active-disturbance-rejection control

Performance-oriented Data-driven Controller Tuning for Smooth and Precise Tray Indexing


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