Mechatronics and Control

|Mechatronics and Control

Accuracy enhancement by thermal error minimisation of turning-milling centre regarding its multi-functionality

Accuracy,Compensation,Machine,Thermal error

A Method for Sensor Placement for High-Precision Position Control of Mechanical Structures


In-situ Ablation Monitoring Device for Micro-Print Patterns on a Thin and Transparent Substrate

Laser micro machining,Monitoring,Opto-electronic,Visual inspection

Position control solution along 3 degrees of freedom and with easy implementation for Laboratory and Workshop

Measuring instrument,Mechatronic,Optical

Analytical model of the force between a rectangular coil and a cuboidal permanent magnet


(R)evolutionary improvements in the design of interventional X-ray systems


Assessment of moving stage performances used in different scientific instruments

Calibration,Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Microscope,Positioning

Dynamic property and settling stability of ultraprecision positioning mechanism with sub-nanometre resolution driven by preloaded ball screw


Control concept to minimize the settling time for positioning of a 3-dof inchworm with piezoelectric elements

Enhancement of dynamic stiffness of fast tool servo by acceleration feedback

Actuator,Computer numerical control (CNC),Control,Observer

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