Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

|Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

Tool wear in drilling using cutting fluid diluted with alkaline aqueous solutions


Real-time motion error compensation in optical surface fabrication using a 2-DOF linear encoder

Compensation;In-process measurement;Micromachining;Optical

Effect of different cutting environments on surface integrity and wear resistance properties of Incoloy 925

Cooling;End milling;Hardness;Tribology

Comparison of different approaches towards measuring cutting edge radius and geometry on ultra sharp diamond and cbn tools

Atomic force microscopy (AFM);Diamond;microscope (SEM);Tooling

Effect of electric fields on micro-scratching of calcium fluoride

Advancing Sustainable and Efficient Industrial Cleaning: CO2 Snow Jet Blasting for Residue-free Surface Cleaning


Influence of drilling depth and feed per tooth on burr formation when micro drilling


Comparison of binderless carbide with conventional carbide as a cutting material for milling


Laser-induced Selective Activation of Polyimide for Robust Electroless Plating

Laser micro machining

Machining of Ti6Al4V using laser textured cutting tool under Ionic liquid (IL) lubrication condition


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