Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

|Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

Analysis of effects of mechanical properties on ductile-to-brittle transitions at nano-scale mechanical machining

Hardness;Micromachining;Nano manufacturing

Porous chuck without vacuum for wafer grinding and polishing


Relationship between phase transformation pressure and shear stress in the machining of semiconductor crystals

Cutting;Diamond;Pressure;Single crystal

Benchmarking rapidly solidified aluminium alloys for ultra-precision machining of ultra-violet mirrors and diffractive optical elements


Monitoring and Prediction in centering process of optical glass lenses using LSTM with acoustic emission sensor


Validation of the cutting equation by accurate orthogonal cutting experiments

Cutting;In-process measurement;Measurement;Verification

Precision cutting of Ni-P plated large mold for X-ray mirror – The effect of tool positioning error on the workpiece form deviation

Cutting;Mold (or Mould);Precision;X-ray

Thermomechanical impact of the cutting edge microgeometry on the surface properties in turning of aluminium alloys

Aluminium;In-process measurement;Surface;Turning

CAD geometry preparation issues effecting FE simulation accuracy

Computer aided design (CAD);Design;Finite element method (FEM);Mechanical

Tool wear in drilling using cutting fluid diluted with alkaline aqueous solutions


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