Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

|Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

A novel method for deformation prediction caused by initial residual stress

Algorithm,Deformation,Lapping,Residual stress

Effect of powder particle size on the rheology of feedstocks for low pressure powder injection moulding

3D printing,Injection,Mold (or Mould),Powder

A method for measuring the wall-thickness of thin-walled spherical shell parts


Ultrasonic assistance to reduce and monitor tool wear in deep drilling

Deep hole drilling,In-process measurement,Monitoring,Ultrasonic

Incremental sheet metal forming with flexible die


Development of tri-dexel based cutting simulator for cutter-workpiece engagement and cutting forces determination


Micro-endmilling of Fresnel structure on RSA 6061-T6 and PMMA

Aluminium,Micromachining,Mold (or Mould),Wear

A modular node-based modeling platform for the simulation of machining processes


A study of magnetic field-assisted mass polishing of additive manufactured surfaces


Diamond scribing as an alternative to diamond finishing on a high precision milling machine

Diamond,Milling,Super finishing,Surface

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