Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

|Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

Modelling of the flow behaviour in the narrow-closed cutting gap during sawing with internal coolant supply


Ductile cutting regime in ball milling of single crystal silicon


A dislocation density-based multiscale cutting model for ultra-precision machining of AISI 4140 steel


Research on CNC Polishing Technology of Rotational Symmetric Aspheric Optical Elements

Highly efficient texturing of electroless Ni-P plate for optical mold surface by ultrasonic vibration assisted indentation

Mold (or Mould),Optical,Texture,Ultrasonic

Precision cutting of CVD-SiC aspheric mold by PCD milling tool

Ceramic,Chemical vapor deposition (CVD),Cutting,Milling

Cutting of Tungsten Carbide Using Driven Rotary Tool


Micro milling of brass and commercially pure titanium with all-ceramic micro end mills made from four different ceramic tool substrates

Ceramic,End milling,Micromachining,Wear

Ultra-precision high performance cutting of nickel silver using a magnetically levitated feed axis

Magnetic bearing,Milling,Performance,Ultra-precision

Study of the temperature behaviour in the polishing gap for different combinations of polishing pads and slurries


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