Automation, Robotics, and Machine Learning

|Automation, Robotics, and Machine Learning

An Adaptive Deep Learning Based Approach to Classification and Labelling of Image Data from Additive Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence;Classification;3D printing;Neural network

Non-destructive measurement method for internal surface roughness based on a magnetic tool and machine learning model


3D measurement vision system using reflection for machine tools

Engineering;Measuring instrument;Tool;Visual inspection

Compact Lever Actuated Direct Driven 6-DoF Parallel Kinematic Positioning System


High-precision flexure-based XY-stage with high stiffness and load capacity


A review and benchmark study of tool state recognition in the CNC milling process

Milling;Neural network;Pattern recognition;Tool

Artificial neural network-based tool condition monitoring of titanium alloy end mill process using time series data

Artificial intelligence;End milling;Titanium;Tool

Automated scheduling system for parallel gear grinding machines


A grouped random assembly method for precision and yield rate


A development approach for a standardized Quality Data Model using Asset Administration Shell Technology in the Context of Autnomous Quality Control Loops for Manufacturing Processes

Adaptive control,Artificial intelligence,Dynamic,Quality assurance

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