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Creating Solid State Micro Joints through Micro Machining

Precision Equipment and Tools that Enable Practical Probe-based Nanomanufacturing

Ultra-precise Positioning over a One-millimeter Stroke by Using a Coaxial Differential Ball Screw

Investigation of Opto-Mechanical Scanning Systems with the use of a Ray-Tracing Tool

Development of a Thermally Stable 2D Calibration Setup

A Micro Force Measurement, Transmission and Control System for Biomechanics Studies

Achievement of Super-Smooth Surface of Cu by Abrasive-Free CMP Utilizing Vacuum Ultra-Violet Light

Design and Analysis of In-Plane Ultra-Precision XYθz Positioning Stage with Cymbal Guide and Scott-Russell Mechanism

Lightweight 450 mm Wafer Stages Enabled by Over-actuation

Design of a Low-cost CMM with Nanometer Uncertainty

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