Dublin 2024

|Dublin 2024

In-process point cloud generation and predictive correction in Selective Thermal Electrophotographic Process

3D printing;Metrology;Monitoring

Laser triangulation-based thermal characterization of machine tool spindles according to ISO 230-3

Machine;Measuring instrument;Precision;Thermal error

Application of in-situ process monitoring to optimise laser processing parameters during the powder bed fusion printing of Ti-6Al-4V.

3D printing;In-process measurement;Titanium

Data Driven modeling for the correlation of the inputs and outputs in thermoplastic micro injection molding

Stereo camera calibration with fluorescent spherical marker and laser interferometer


Versatile high precision synchrotron diffraction machine

Conceptual design;Kinematic;Positioning;Precision

Development of a multi-configuration support for the comparison of X-ray computed tomography and optical profilometry surface texture measurements


EURAMET’s European Metrology Network for Advanced Manufacturing


Root Cause Analysis in Float-Zone Crystal Growth Production using Fishbone diagram and Association Rule Mining

Artificial intelligence;Process;Silicon;Single crystal

Precision polishing platform based on a flexure-based constant force mechanism


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