Bilbao 2019

|Bilbao 2019

Accuracy evaluation of an optical 3D profiler integrated on a machine tool adapted for laser micro-processing

Accuracy,Automation,Calibration,In-process measurement

A critique of solutions and research to the challenges of adopting metallic additive-layer manufacturing in full-scale production.

Automation,Manufacturing (CAM),3D printing,Robot

Micromechanical analysis of influence of particle volume fraction on Mechanical behaviour of Al-Li/B4C Metal Matrix Composites

Aluminium,Ceramic,Composite,Finite element method (FEM)

Electroconsolidation of Nanocomposite Material for Gas Turbine Blades

Aluminium,Nano technology,Sintering,Turbine blade

Tapping AFM measurements artefacts in the acquisition of high-aspect-ratio rectangular nano structures using dedicated sharp tips

Atomic force microscopy (AFM),Measurement,Nano manufacturing,Nano technology

Twin-wire electrical discharge grinding for shaping tapered micro rods

Reflective Optics developments at Thales SESO


Machine tool health verification


Micro-milling stability indicator by pseudo-inverse of time series

Face milling

Research on hybrid laser-electrochemical micromachining : Prototype machine-tool development and test-machining results

Electro chemical machining (ECM),Laser beam machining (LBM),Machining

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