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Effects of electrolytes on fine structures fabricated by hybrid process with short-pulsed laser and electrochemical machining

Electro chemical machining (ECM),Laser,Micromachining,Nano manufacturing

Characteristics of electrochemical machining by using electrolyte suction tool with auxiliary anode

Accuracy,Electro chemical machining (ECM),Electrode

Control of straight laser induced periodic surface structures on aluminium alloy by ultraprecision cutting

Grooving,Laser micro machining,Structure,Ultra-precision

Investigating characteristics of electrochemical machining through electrolyte absorbed with porous solid material

Accuracy,Electro chemical machining (ECM),Machining,Removal

Efficient ultraprecision machining system by means of industrial robot


Improvement of the Surface Roughness on the Friction Stir Burnishing

Hardness,Residual stress,Roughness,Surface

Fabrication of Lattice Structures by Wire and Arc-based Additive Manufacturing

3D printing,Manufacturing,Metal,Steel

Proposal of formation of tapered micro-hole by utilizing electrolyte flow in ECM process

Study on effect of lead and tilt angle of tool on cutting force and tool wear in turn milling

Analysis,End milling,Turning

Optimization of grinding conditions for small diameter hole to achieve higher performance of linear solenoid


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