Technische Universität Ilmenau

|Technische Universität Ilmenau

Conceptional design of a positioning device with subatomic resolution and reproducibility


Wireless actuation within hermetically enclosed precision systems


Passive cooling of precision measuring equipment by means of latent heat

Mechanical properties of an adjustable weighing cell prototype


Measuring setup for the investigation of the reproducibility of tool changing interfaces for high-precision devices

Kinematic,Measurement,Nano manufacturing,Tool

Investigations of different compliant manipulator concepts for a high-precise rotational motion

Accuracy,Design method,Mechanism,Strain

On precise modelling of very thin flexure hinges

Experimentation,Finite element method (FEM),Modelling,Stiffness

Investigations of the geometrical scaling in the systematic synthesis of compliant mechanisms


A Note on Electromagnetic Gravity Compensation Actuators based on Soft Electro-Permanent Magnets for Adjustable Reluctance Force

Contribution to the mechanical enhancement of load cells in precision weighing technology by means of advanced adjustment strategies

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