Technische Universität Ilmenau

|Technische Universität Ilmenau

Traceable 5D-nanofabrication with nano positioning and nano measuring machines

Metrology,Nano manufacturing,Stamping,Ultra-precision

Investigations on low-friction kinematic couplings based on compliant mechanisms


Torque-compensating adjustment drive for mechanically sensitive devices

Assembly,Measuring instrument,Mechanism

On the development of five-axes nanopositioning machines for measurement and fabrication purposes based on Cartesian systems

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Design method,Finite element method (FEM),Ultra-precision

Corner loading and its influence on the tilt sensitivity of precision weighing cells

Error,Finite element method (FEM),Measuring instrument,Mechanism

Investigations on kinematic couplings for tool-changing interfaces in highest-precision devices


Conceptional design of a positioning device with subatomic resolution and reproducibility


Wireless actuation within hermetically enclosed precision systems


Passive cooling of precision measuring equipment by means of latent heat

Mechanical properties of an adjustable weighing cell prototype


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