Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

|Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

Mechanical nano machining of Si wafer by quantitative determination of ductile/brittle-machining transition point

Vibration isolation system design and analysis for ultraprecision roll machining machine

A magnetically preloaded air bearing stage with 5-DOF motion error compensation

Micro-machining of bidirectional optical waveguide platform by ultra-fine planing technology

An active bearing rotary unit with magnetic actuators for rotation error compensation

Development of Minimized-Assembly System for Camera Phone Lens Module

Micro-machining and optical characterization of randomly distributed micro-lens array

Finite Element Analysis and Fabrication of an Ultrasonic System for Microchip Cooling

Design and Fabrication of an Ultrasonic Waveguide for Nano-scale Surface Reformation

Forming technology of random patterns in large areas by roll to plate indentation process using micro abrasive grain tool

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