Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

|Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

Precision Machining of Microholes and Microwalls on Ultra-hard Materials and Analysis of Mechanical Signals Using Electro-discharge and Mechanical Machining System

Electrical discharge machining (EDM),Mechanical,Micromachining,Ultra-precision

Design of electro permanent magnetic chuck for curved surface of large workpiece


Large size seamless nano patterned molder using direct laser writing

Laser,Nano manufacturing,Roll

Large size nano-patterned nickel roll mold fabricated using nanoimprint and electroplating process

Nano manufacturing,Nano technology,Roll

Development of a Plate-type Ultrasonic Waveguide for Cooling Applicaions

Acoustic,Actuator,Nano technology,Ultrasonic

Hybrid polishing system and basic process experiment using fluid jet and rotary pad device


nanoimprint process for arrayed waveugide grating patterns in silicon photonics

The surface properties of a roll mold according to the fluid jet polishing conditions

Manufacturing scale pattern of shark using micro precision machining system

Study on compensation of tool position error during tool rotation for ultra-fine planing of micro angle-variable patterns

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