Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH)

|Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH)

Data-Driven Learning Methods for Industrial Robot Stiffness Model Identification


Design of Piezo-Flexure stage for Machining error compensation


Drilling Performance Evaluation of CFRP Plate for Workpiece Clamping Methods

Damping,Design method,Dynamic,Mechatronic

Study on improvement in the quality of drilled holes using a robot manipulator

Accuracy,Design method,Mechanism,Strain

Design and Control of VCM actuator for active vibration isolation system


Machinability test of CFRP drilling process using ultrasonically assisted machining


Design and Control of a 3-DOF Reaction Force Compensation Mechanism for Precision Stage


Damping Control Effect of lateral vibration induced by plane motion using Hybrid(MR-Pneumatic) Isolation Systems

Design and Analysis of Halbach VCM actuator for 6-DOF active vibration isolation system

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