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Replicative Manufacturing of Glass Optics with Antireflective Microstructures

Glass,Microstructure,Molding (or Moulding),Optical

Developement of a substrate unit for L-PBF to increase automatization in manufacturing process chains


Precision Glass Molding of Fused Silica Optics

Carbon,Coating,Material,Molding (or Moulding)

Systematic Analysis and Identification of 5-Axis Machining Accuracy

Process and machining system for optical surfaces

Implementation of Advanced Alignment Algorithms for High Precision Optical Components

Accuracy enhancement of five-axis machining by controller based compensation

Innovative Fast Tool Servo System using Mass Compensation and Damping System

FPGA Based Control System for Coupled Highly Dynamic Axes in Ultra-Precision Machining

Investigations on the tool wear in precision glass molding

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