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Optimization of polishing parameters in contactless polishing of curved surface


Mechanism of high parallelism generation in double-sided Lapping

Lapping,Measuring instrument,Modelling,Parallel

A novel method for deformation prediction caused by initial residual stress

Algorithm,Deformation,Lapping,Residual stress

A method for measuring the wall-thickness of thin-walled spherical shell parts


Investigation on grinding of tungsten heavy alloy with the assistance of electrochemical modification

Alloy,Electro chemical machining (ECM),Force,Wear

A New Method for Edge Collapse Prevention in Bound-Abrasive Lapping


Analysis of the motion mechanism for aero-engine horizontal assembly


Mu- Investigation on SurfaceSubsurface Damage Mechanism in Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystal Lapping and Polishing

Accuracy,Anisotropy,Nano indentation,Polishing

Double-sided lapping of thin copper substrate by textured fixed-abrasive pad

Flatness,Lapping,Residual stress,Texture

Study on High Precision Measurement of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Removal Rate of YAG Crystal


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