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Investigation of machining dynamics in ultraprecision machining of freeform surfaces using the slow tool servo (STS)

Calibration,Coordinate measuring machine (CMM),Metrology

An investigation on the profile accuracy control in abrasive flow machining: CFD simulation and experiment case study

An experimental-based investigation on micro milling of micro-featured dies/moulds in hard-steel

Development of a surface acoustic wave sensor based smart cutting tool with application to the fly-cutting process

An investigation on the development of a smart cutting tool for precision machining using SAW-based force measurement

CMM error compensation and uncertainty evaluation using artefacts and local kinematic error models

Application of quaternions in error analysis of flexible CMMs

Design of a bespoke five-axis CNC machine tool for machining thin-walled cylindrical components with internal concave circular arc surfaces

Design of a µECM machine tool: a holistic approach and its implementation perspectives

Multiphysics based modelling and analysis of micro milling metal matrix composites (MMCs) against the effects of key process variables

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