Key among the topics being covered at the 19th Annual Conference and Exhibition hosted by the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (euspen), this year — running 3 – 7 June in Bilbao, Spain — are micro and nano-resolution motion control solutions.

When looking at micro manufacturing, precision engineering, and ultra-precision engineering, we are in a relatively undefined environment. What is precision for one company will not be precision for another, and in many instances technologies that are “good enough” when it comes to accuracy and attainment of tolerances are perfectly well suited for many applications.

But when considering the area of ultra-precision engineering, all are working at the cutting edge of what is possible, where not just microns matter, but sub-micron and nanometer tolerances are an everyday requirement. This is a world where repeatable reliable precision and motion control not just desirable, it is vital.

For motion control in precision and ultra-precision engineering, there are a plethora of alternative technologies, and also an array of options that provide a range of accuracy parameters suitable for different applications.

The burgeoning field of precision motion control is driven by industry demand for technologies that will improve production processes. The emphasis from across industry is for smarter, smaller, and faster precision motion control and positioning equipment, and demand is especially high in areas like laser micro machining, micro assembly automation, optical inspection, semiconductor metrology, and photonics components test and alignment applications. We are working at the frontier of innovation here. For example, finer and faster control of motion is at the heart of super-resolution microscopies and the latest photonics and materials developments.

Like never before, design engineers and motion control engineers from across a host of industry sectors have at their fingertips motion control options that not only achieve what their applications require, but in many instances advance innovation by enabling processes that were previously impossible.

The conference at the euspen annual event covers motion control in detail and there are a number of leading technology and solution providers such as ALIO Industriues, PI, and Aerotech are confirmed at the exhibition to discuss the specific requirements of attendees.

The annual euspen event is planned to allow commercial micro & nano manufacturers, researchers, and academics the time to learn, establish relationships, and network. Today, in such a vibrant and rapidly developing sector, networking and the exchange of experiences and developments is key, and above all else, the conference and exhibition nurture the partnerships that drive innovation and manufacturing success.

Micro parts and micro systems-based products are considered as a crucial value-adding element for many industrial sectors in Europe, the Far East, and the USA, and are therefore an increasingly important factor in industrial and economic robustness. With this importance, however, there come greater and greater market demands, and these are central to the success of the sector, and are discussed in detail at the euspen event

The annual event has various elements: the world-renowned and high quality conference, an exhibition showcasing leading technology and service providers in the space, and the now famous annual networking dinner, all available for a one-off attendance fee.

In addition to motion control, this year’s conference focuses on metrology, ultra precision machining, additive and replication processes, and precision cutting processes. Also covered will be handling, robotics, and automation, Industry 4.0 for precision manufacturing, mechanical and non-mechanical manufacturing processes, applications for precision engineering in the biomedical sector, and precision design in large scale applications.

The exhibition in Bilbao is set to be the biggest ever, and is supported by leading micro manufacturing solutions providers who gather to meet the great and the good of the global precision engineering community Rubbing shoulders with the likes of ALIO Industries, PI, and Aerotech among many others will Accumold, Moore Nanotech, Kinetic Ceramic, Zygo, Taylor Hobson, Moore Nanotech, Heidenhain, and Olympus.

In addition to the prestigious international conference, euspen also organises workshops, tutorials, and extensive poster sessions that cover the entire range of topics of interest to those working in the micro and nano manufacturing field. This year there are three workshops focussed on industrial in-process manufacturing metrology, the EU dissemination project Multifunctional ultrafast micro-probes for on-the-machine measurements, and the EU dissemination project Process Fingerprint for Zero-defect Net-shape MICROMANufacturing — facilitated by European Innovative Training Network MICROMAN

Networking is the key to the success of euspen’s events, and the Annual Conference and Exhibition are designed to allow delegates, speakers, and exhibitors alike the ability to meet and discuss issues of immediate relevance to the area of micro and nano manufacturing. To stimulate such cross fertilisation of ideas and experiences, in addition to the on-site opportunities, delegates are able to attend not only the prestigious euspen annual networking dinner, but also tours that will be arranged to companies and institutions close to the venue in and around Bilbao and active in the micro and nano manufacturing field.

For more details, please contact Dishi Phillips Business Development Manager at euspen on t. +44 (0)1234 754023 e.