Project Description

Special Interest Group Meeting: Thermal Issues
17 – 18 March 2016, Prague, CZ

Special Interest Group Meeting: Thermal Issues
17-18 March 2016, Jury’s Inn, Sokolovská 11, 186 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Thermal effects are regarded as a major contributor to errors on machine tools, on measuring equipment and on workpieces.

Measurement of thermal effects is becoming more important as workpiece tolerances decrease, as thermal effects not only use a larger part of the tolerances, but also influence repeatability and long term stability of machine tools, and equipment.

As a consequence, several research groups and industries are working on simulation of thermal effects, in order to finally compensate thermally induced errors, or new help to develop concepts to reduce thermally induced errors.

The intensive on-going work in this area led us to bring together a further internationally-coordinated meeting .

Speakers Include:

We are delighted to bring together leading expertise globally to an open forum for
focused presentations and discussions on thermal issues in manufacturing.

Prof. Hans Vermeulen

ASML Research, NL

Thermal Issues for Next
Generation Lithography

Mr Nick Jones

Renishaw, UK

Thermal Issues in Additive Manufacturing

Mr Jeroen de Boeij


Thermal Challenges in Electron Microscopy Systems and Applications

Dr Christof Gaiser


Dielectric Constant Gas Thermometry
Overview on the Boltzmann Constant